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Submissions should be included both in the body of the email, and attached as a .doc file. Please include a brief (250 word +/-) bio. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Excellence is the only criteria.

The Broadkill Review is a bimonthly literary magazine published out of Lewis, DE by Jamie Brown, publisher, poet, professor, and shopkeep, and founder of the John Milton Poetry Festival and Poetry Prize. 

The BKR has featured writers who are widely published, such as Robert Pinsky and Fleda Brown, to emerging writers such as Michael Blaine and Linda Blaskey.

“Quality is the most important factor.  This isn’t to suggest that we are snobs, for I’m not talking about subject matter, but about the bell-like resonance of the work (evoked within the reader) and clarity.  I want the reader left with the feeling that it matters to the reader personally that they read the story.  Writing is the first interactive medium, after all, and although 100% communication cannot ever be achieved, owing to all sorts of internal and unconscious filters and the differences between two peoples’ perceptions of the same thing, the stories I like are those that understand that and which encourage a kind of divestiture of the self and an investment in the story with whatever they, the reader, can bring to it of an emotional commitment.  I am a fan of John Gardner’ s On Becoming a Novelist, and firmly believe in establishing ‘the waking dream’ as the responsibility of the author.”


Bimonthly. Estab. 2007. Circ. 12,000. Member CLMP, Delaware Press Assn. 
Needs Literary. Does not want anything gratuitous. No theme issues.


Receives 8-20 mss/month. Accepts 1-4 mss/issue; 16-20 mss/year. Manuscript published 1-3 months after acceptance. Publishes 30 new writers/year. Published Thom Wade Myers, Chad Clifton, Tina Hession, Joshua D. Isard, Maryanne Khan, Richard Myers Peabody, H. A. Maxson, Bob Yearick, Gaylene Carbis, Louise D’Arcy, and Andee Jones. Length: 6000 words (max). Average length: 3300 words. Publishes short shorts. Also publishes literary essays, literary criticism, book reviews, poetry. Send review copies to Editor, The Broadkill Review, 104 Federal Street, Milton, DE 19968. Sometimes comments on/critiques rejected mss, IF REQUESTED.

How to Contact: Prefers submissions by e-mail.  Send complete ms with cover letter. Include estimated word count, brief bio, list of publications. Responds to queries in 1 week. Responds to mss in 4-26 weeks. Send either SASE (or IRC) for return of ms or disposable copy of ms and #10 SASE for reply only. Considers simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions if identified as such. Sample copy free upon request sent as a pdf download.  Guidelines available via e-mail. Payment/Terms Writers receive contributor’s copy. Pays on publication. Acquires first rights. Publication is copyrighted. 

“Finish the work.  Getting to the end of your first draft may be emotionally satisfying and physically enervating, but that is the point where the WORK of writing begins.  Don’t stint on the effort it may take you to revise your work.  We are interested in publishing in our pages that which rises above the ordinary.  We are not, on the other hand, interested in stories about your three-headed cat, zombies, flesh-eating bacteria, BEMs from outer-space, or psychopathic axe murderers.  In short, your stories and poems should not rely on the unusual circumstance in place of actually having work which is finely crafted, insightful of the human condition, or which manages to make the reader continue to think about it after they have finished reading it.  We are open to almost everything that does what Literature should do, which is to exact a price greater than the effort required to read it.  The selection process is entirely subjective.  We are not representative of the whole world.  We publish what moves US.”